Monday, July 9, 2007

10 things to appreciate before baby arrives

Having a baby is a package deal. You get all the cute and cuddly time as well as the screaming tantrums and sleepless nights. While I am comfortable with the parenting choices I have made, I still wish I took the time to appreciate certain aspects of my baby-less life before Aaron arrived. So, to all parents to be:

1) Spend an entire day surfing the internet. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in front of the computer so that you won't waste a single second of it. After the baby arrives, there is no more time for frivolous just log on, do what you have to do and then jump off again.

2) Spend an entire day watching DVDs! Its been 11 months and I still haven't watched a single DVD uninterrupted.

3) Go out for a really expensive (and of course tasty) meal at a restaurant with good ambiance. After the baby, its either no outside food, take out food or if you're lucky, family friendly restaurants.

4) While at the expensive restaurant, appreciate the calm and quiet meal that you are having. Eat slowly. With a baby, you're probably only going to get a bite in between his/her bites.

5) Don't get frustrated if you find yourself with nothing to do and a little bored. Just sit there and BE BORED.

6) If you're a mom-to-be, glug down a can of softdrink. I miss my COKE! Somehow, what I eat/drink filters through the breast milk and the coloring/additives/preservatives would just give Aaron (and me!) a sleepless night.

7) If you're a dad-to-be, take the time to talk to the mom-to-be. After the baby arrives, all you may hear is 'SHUSH, the baby is sleeping'

8) Relax frequently with long showers or baths. I find that showers post Aaron are usually a rushed 2 mins. Don't worry, I'm still clean.....I just got efficient at showering.

9) Moms-to be, wear jewelery, especially long earrings. Wear your hair down if its long. Wear lipstick. Wear a strapless dress and heels. LOOK GOOD!

10) Dads-to-be, enjoy your current household chores. After the baby arrives, there will be a whole lot more.


Evelyn said...

Soon, you can leave your baby and go out for date nights with Richard. Have to start training him to get used to you not being around ALL the time.

Bliss said...

LOL i remember the breast feeding days. i had to stop eating all dairy to get rid of the baby's eczema. (not that i should have been eating it myself...)