Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mobile Murtabak Stall

I mentioned the sweet murtabak in an earlier post but I didn't have a photo to include at that time. Here are some now. We went to Kenten, 5 mins away, to this mobile stall. Isn't it CUTE?! The guy actually packs everything away and drives off at the end of each day.

The left side of the vehicle is the 'store front' where there were about 4 women taking orders and putting on the murtabak toppings. They also made up other orders like the huge loaves of bread with bright green kaya (coconut egg jam). The next two photos are of the murtabak getting its toppings and the green kaya loaves.

The right of the vehicle is where the coal stove and hot plates are located. This is where the murtabak (basically a pancake) are cooked.

When we first got here, I avoided all the local stall foods because I was worried that my 'clean' stomach wouldn't be able to handle it but after 5 months, I eat anything as long as its hot. I still won't eat it at the stalls though because they don't wash the plates with fresh/clean water so I usually buy the food home. No problems so far.

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