Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Great Expectations

A baby is just a baby. For the first year, they can't feed themselves, go to the bathroom on their own, walk or talk. Yet, we start, even unconsciously, having expectations of them. Maybe 'expectation' is a bit of a heavy word to put on a baby....its more like 'hope'.

If they react to music - "Maybe he'll be a musician"
Climb the gate - "Future x-games contestant"
Fake crying, including tears - "Getting ready for the 100th Academy Awards"
Spend ages looking at the best dressed list - "Fashion Designer!"

What I noticed is that we don't usually mention the less glamorous professions. While I try really hard not to have expectations, I know they are inevitable. What I do to balance this out is to make whatever expectations I have as broad as possible so that I don't confine Aaron into any particularly narrow future.

Loves door handles and locks - "Definitely a locksmith in the making"
Really likes to turn the tap on - "Bob the plumber?"
Hunts down ants and eats them - "Ant eater" OK, So this one is not a profession.

Having said all that, all I really want Aaron to be right now is my precious baby. He's already moving into toddler-hood....

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number said...

I have a few:
1. He keeps pointing at things - DIRECTOR, CONDUCTOR, SCOUT

2. He likes looking at animals - work for wildlife conservation organizations, zookeeper, national geographic photographer