Monday, July 16, 2007

How did you imagine life with a baby?

Aaron is 341 days old. In just 24 days, he'll be 365 days. WOW! I can't believe it.

Anyway, I was just thinking today how life with Aaron is so different from what I envisioned. Two items in particular spring to mind because I had put so much thought into them before Aaron was born. The first is a Moses basket and the second his pram.

I bought the Moses basket for Aaron because I thought that I could just put him next to my desk so that I could watch him while continuing with my online trading. He would sleep peacefully while I traded the market. UPDATE: I only just started actively trading again.

I thought Aaron would also coo quietly in his Moses basket while I continued giving piano lessons. Its just as well we moved to Palembang and there was no chance for me to resume teaching. Aaron would never have let me get through the scales let alone the entire lesson. I do miss my little students though.

I poured over brochures and scoured the internet for a pram that I liked and that I felt was good value - one that would last several years. I settled on a beautiful red Peg Perego Aria. So far, we've had hardly any opportunity to put him in it. We didn't go out much prior to moving to Palembang. And now that we're here, I sling him when we go for our walks around the neighborhood because the roads are just to broken for a pram. When I do go out to the malls, only one of them is suitable for the pram. I have been trying to get him used to it though since I'll have to use it in Brisbane.

So there you's never how you imagine it :)

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