Saturday, July 21, 2007

Aaron will not be getting his bath today

We've had a bit of a water crisis these couple of days. To give you the background, most of the houses here in Palembang do not get water straight from the mains. Each house has a water tank somewhere on the premises. We have a 'water room' under the front garden. This is water for washing, showering, flushing the toilet...everything except drinking, brushing teeth and anything to do with Aaron. At noon each day, water will come in and we have to go turn on a tap to fill up the room. And then of course, remember to turn it off or it floods the garden. Stupid system but only hotels and restaurants seem to have 'normal' piped from the mains water.

Two days ago, we noticed that the water in our house was extremely yellow (GROSS!). Guess what we found in the water room? Watery, slushy, MUD! I ended up having my showers at Novotel for the past two days. Aaron has been having Mineral Water Baths!

All the houses in the area seem to be affected. The main pipes distributing the water must have had a leak somewhere and gave us this MUD. So, today we had to get all the water out and clean the room. Got everything done by noon but when we turned on the tap to fill it up....NO WATER! Its 4pm now and still no water! It better be because they are fixing whatever caused the problem in the first place.

After looking at these photos, some of you must be wondering how I live like this. I wonder it myself and when we first moved here, I was grossed out each time I went to the bathroom. But, we've grown used to it now and I don't think about it. Its just like a very long and extended backpacking holiday.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

That looks tough, Amanda. The pictures show it well.

Amanda said...

Yup. But we're coping. Thank GOODNESS for the internet. It is like my lifeline :)

number said...

Need to get used to life living in a 3rd world country....the driver told me that we could get purifying tablets for the water tank but not sure how safe it is??