Thursday, July 19, 2007

Get lost in the Blogosphere

When I first started carrying my camera around EVERYWHERE, my driver just looked but didn't say anything. Eventually, he asked why I was taking photos of the dentist, markets, beggars or the open burning. I said that I wanted them for my blog and for the first time, I had to explain what a blog was to another person. Since, then, he's been fascinated with my desire to tell the 'whole world' about Palembang. He started off pointing out 'tourist attractions' to me but eventually realized that I wanted his everyday life instead.

Of course, I also did explain to him that there are blogs on every topic imaginable. And that its a good place to get opinions on topics that you may not know so much about. A Blog is as versatile as your imagination. GimmietheScoop is an example of a new blog that will discuss topics as diverse as real estate and health. It is just starting out at the moment but keep an eye on it.

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