Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Internet Addiction Disorder

I only read this article, Are gadgets, and the Internet, actually addictive? a week after it was published but I can totally relate the the Internet withdrawal. I get that! I was just saying to Richard a couple of weeks ago that I am spending so much time online now because of the internet deprivation I experienced for the past 11 months when Aaron didn't sleep longer than 20-30 mins at a stretch in the day time. I seemed to have accumulated some internet debt and I'm forced to repay it now by spending all my available time online.

Luckily I don't have a Blackberry otherwise I'll have what they're calling Crackberry Addiction too!

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Evelyn said...

I've my company's BlackBerry for 1.5 years, and no, I've not experienced the CrackBerry addiction yet and never will. I realized that not all emails need to be responded right away and things can wait if they need to wait... That way, my clients dont expect me to be at their beck and call, and my teams wont expect me to be there all the time. It's all about managing expectations. I do, however, have it next to me when I sleep so that I can check my emails right away when I wake up (wont respond unless it's super urgent) so that I dont have to power my laptop up. If I'm commuting, then, yeah, I've more tendency to respond to my emails when I'm doing nothing, but sitting in a train.