Friday, July 13, 2007

Newspaper Boys

Not all the children here are playing with their kites during the holidays. There is a noticeable increase in the number of kids selling newspapers at intersections. I try to buy the paper whenever we're waiting for the lights but how many can I buy a day? Especially when I can hardly understand the Indonesian headlines.

I feel so sorry for the kids each time I see them. It must be close to 40 degrees standing out there on the intersection. And there are so many of them targeting the same cars that are stopped. It is encouraging to know that when school starts...they are back in the classrooms.


Vicky said...

We should exchange links I enjoy reading your Blog and I also go on cafe mom!

Evelyn said...

It makes me so sad when I see kids having to help supplement their family incomes this way especially when they have to work in dangerous conditions navigating through busy traffic. That whole premise, "all man are born equal" just doesn't hold true, does it?

Surfergirl said...

this reminds me of Mao. Remember those newspaper boys in Phnom Penh? I got to talk / 'play' with them for some time. and there were days that the other boys would 'report' to me that mao skipped school today to sell newspapers..and they would wait for me to scold Mao or say something! it's very tempting to say the usual 'go to school, education is good for you' spiel but a lot of them don't really have a choice. and what's more sad is. they sell newspaper--a form of written text but they don't even know how to read--even in khmer. same goes for most newspaper boys in developing countries i guess.