Friday, July 20, 2007

Prized Fighter

I mentioned the cockfights in an earlier post but forgot to post the picture of the fighter. So, here he is. I don't have any good photos of the actual fight but I managed to get close enough for this shot. The animal may look all torn up but he really is loved and well looked after by his owner. The guy was cuddling it and stroking it the whole time. I guess this is his major source of income!


Evelyn said...

That's one skinny cock.. oops, I mean make chicken. :-P

Evelyn said...

MALE chicken.. not MAKE chicken. Haha. Too much wine. :-)

Surfergirl said...

oh boy..that's a malnourished rooster :(
well the owner should be stroking him because he is dependent on the animal for his money. i dont think i can watch that, i'll end up crying feeling sorry for the chicken.