Friday, July 6, 2007

Baby Ball Pool

One of the things I appreciate about Palembang is its baby friendliness. Almost everybody we meet likes babies/children and will spend a good amount of time engaging Aaron in some sort of conversation. More importantly, they are ALL good at getting a chuckle out of a baby. Its as if everybody (men, women and other kids) here has had to care for a baby at some point in their lives and that has made them 'experts'.

There are plenty of babies everywhere we go so it makes sense that there are also plenty of baby shops around. The product lines they carry are extremely varied but it takes awhile to find the items suitable for us...such as 100% cotton material. Once I do get my hands on something, the prices are usually reasonable.

Yesterday, we went to a large shop called 'Yuli's'. I didn't really have anything to buy but I had to get out of the house and had never been there before. Anyway, we found that there was a children's play area on the upper floor. I have found the solution to the hot and boring afternoons! Take a look at his first time in one of those 'Ball Pools'. What are they really called anyway?

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Evelyn said...

Aaron looks so tiny in the pool of balls! He also has that bewildered look as well! Haha.