Friday, July 20, 2007

How much vegetables do you drink?

My mother has been getting us to drink our veggies for about 15 years now. This is a much more efficient way of consuming all the nutrients we need each day and to get the most out of your vegetables.

The problem with adopting the motto of Drink My Daily Veggies is that it is time consuming. You need, to wash, juice and then clean up your juicer.

There is a specialty company for daily supplements, Lane Labs, LLC, that has just released a high end daily nutritional supplement. It includes the 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables we need each day. Its not always possible to EAT this amount so drinking it is a good alternative. LLC's supplement will really make it much easier for anyone into healthy living but are always on the go and just didn't have the time to juice. I have experienced the effects of drinking vegetables first hand and its something that I want our family to get into again.

It is scary to hear of all the illnesses that people are getting these days so I am always trying to find ways to boost our antioxidant intake. The health industry is always researching new ways of helping us protect ourselves from disease and this is a product that may help. For a charge of $1 shipping and handling, they are providing one week's worth of their samples. Thats sounds pretty good.

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