Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm so excited about.....

Changi Airport! I love it there. 6 hours transit time...NO PROBLEM. Just yesterday I was asked if I was excited about my trip to Brisbane. And I had answered 'Not really'. I've definitely been looking forward to it but there hasn't been any sort of excitement. Until today. Now I can't wait to be in the airports, on the planes, checking-in, scanning my hand luggage, checking that my passport is still with me, waiting for my baggage. I love the actual travel in travelling.

Changi Airport is definitely my favorite. Its a like a mall. Its always bustling (35 MILLION people through there last year!) therefore excellent for people watching. 'Street' Entertainment. Big TVs in cute little sections. Napping oasis! Plenty of restrooms and water fountains. Free internet. Movies. Koi Ponds. Orchid gardens. Plenty to keep me occupied.

Back the the solo days, I could do whatever I liked with my 6 hours. Now with Aaron in two, I'll be checking out if they are baby friendly. Will the airport meet his expectations?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Airports are fun, but security is a drag!

Evelyn said...

The only bit of traveling that I dont like is plane rides. Reason? The horrible stale air with everyone's germs floating around the recycled air, cramped seats and not being able to sleep.

Yes, I miss Changi Airport for its speediness and great shops.