Friday, July 6, 2007

My first PPP payment

WOW! I just got my first payment from Pay Per Post (PPP) and it feels great! Blogging is fun and getting paid for some of the posts just makes it even better. Although I am still only getting access to very few opportunities due to the fact that this blog is still Page Rank 0, I still managed to snag a total of 18 this month. That is a miserable number compared to some of those power posties but I'm still happy about it. It gives me something to work towards.

The past 11 months have been a little aimless for me. I just went from day to day without any goals and only thinking of meeting Aaron's needs. He'll be 1 in a month's time and I'm getting back on track with my own life now. So, one of the targets I have for myself is to increase that Page Rank.

Previously, I didn't really like the idea of putting ads on blogs but since starting with PPP I'm starting to change my mind. I now thingkthat a few select ads that link with the topics of the blog or perhaps ads that the readers may find useful can in fact be helpful and is a good way of earning some extra cash for SAHMs like me. We sometimes need that little bit of an ego boost in terms of ability to 'provide for the family'.


Surfergirl said...

wow :) congrats! i know the feeling of having the first pay in PPP :) it may not be an astounding amount..but STILL! :D
PPP helped me buy the new camera so it rocks :)

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! Isn't that a great feeling? My first payout was for five dollars, and I was so excited! I made my OWN Money!! Oh, and glad to have you as a fellow Postie :)