Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Hobbit

Aaron is constantly trying to get down on the floor to 'walk'. With me holding his arms of course. So, yesterday, I decided to quickly dash out to get him a pair of shoes so that he can walk all over Changi if he felt like it.

I imagined a pair of those cute and soft baby shoes that I've often walked past. I headed straight for them but they were all too small! His feet are starting to remind me of the Hobbits. How did Aaron completely miss out on wearing those cute shoes? I eventually found this pair of more 'grown up' looking shoes that looked much cuter anyway. Reminds me of Michael Schumacher's red Pumas.


Evelyn said...

You know what they say about guys with big feet right? ;-) Aaron's lucky!!! Muhahahaha!

k8 said...

do you have anything like robeez over there? they are the best for kids' feet!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I never saw Frodo wear those!

bliss said...

LOL my daughter only got to wear the really cute first-step shoes for a few weeks. then she totally grew out of them. now she's 10 and i'm not joking when i say her feet are almost as big as mine. and i've got biiig feet. i'm praying they don't grow any more until she's 20. :-&

Amanda said...

k8, the robeez shoes are SOOO cute. they don't have it in Indonesia but I just googled it and they have it here in Australia. Thanks for the tip!

captain, Frodo's mom wasn't fast enough! LOL!

bliss, there is this weird thing in my family where all the women's feet are the same size. me, my mother, my grandmother and all my aunts! maybe you and your daughter will be able to swap shoes one day.