Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Random Meme

Denise from Flamingo House Happenings tagged me for the very interesting meme to list 8 random things. I've been staring at this empty post for sometime now because it has made me wonder what really is random. The thoughts forming in my mind for the 8 are more like the first 8 things that come to mind......are those random?

1) I probably have about 8 mosquito bites on me right now. I woke up about 25 mins ago and there were no itches but after sitting here at my desk, perfectly still, I think some of them from underneath have got me. I'll have to zap them when I finish this meme.

2) My mother is going to go back to Malaysia tomorrow. Things will be lonely again around here but there is only a week and a half before I'll meet her again in Changi Airport for our trip to Brisbane.

3) I have been wondering if Aaron 'loves' me and yesterday when I was cuddling two of his soft toys, Dexter and Peter Rabbit, he came over asking to be included. So I guess he does :)

4) I'm hoping that both Aaron and I will gain a little weight when we go to Brisbane. The combination of the cool weather and more variety in food may help us.

5) Before going to bed each night, I wait for the US markets to open to check on how my options are performing. This helps me sleep better. The first thing I do in the morning is to check on them again.

6) I am planning to put taps on the bottom on Aaron's shoes once he starts walking.

7) When going on holidays, I don't like to travel with people other than my family. I do like holidays that include my whole family (ie my parents and my brother/SIL).

8) I love eating sausage rolls. The best ones I have had come from a shop in Toowong Village Shopping Center, Brisbane, Australia.

WOW! That took me ages! But this meme was fun. I'm tagging Jean.


Surfergirl said...

Thanks for the tag!! :) (and the losing waaah )
ill do this meme.

Denise said...

I hope you two can gain some weight too. I can relate to that desire and it's very very difficult to do it.

Thanks for playing. :-)

Evelyn said...

I wish I can pass you and Aaron my fat! ARGH. Gee, I sense you've addiction to the stock market. And, your son will always love you regardless of how much you drive him up the wall (I can attest to this with my parents). I guess you wont like traveling with me, but I'm very easy going. Just give me my coffee.

Amanda said...

You're family Evil-Lyn!