Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Need To Rethink

As you can see, I've taken a break from blogging. Its not so much that I find my days crushingly exhausting but more because I am no longer clear about what this blog is for. When I first started it, we had just moved to Palembang, Indonesia and there was so much to share with friends and family. We had a 7 month old baby and we were living in a very foreign place. People needed to see what I was seeing.

We have two children now and we live in Brisbane, Australia. The blog says "...a place for venting, raving and mumbling in general..." However,  I don't want to vent here any more because I have developed a new loathing for people who complain and I'd hate to be one of them. I also don't want to be another one of those mummy bloggers who takes a thousand pictures a day of their genius and most beautiful children and rave about them. And mumbling...well, it would be boring if all the blog had to offer were my somewhat tangential thoughts on my day to day life.

So basically, the blog has lost its purpose and its voice. I'm am in thinking mode now....keeping my thoughts to myself until I can sort them out....