Saturday, April 21, 2007

5 more days to go!

Things have settled down now and we are getting a little bit more used to being on our own. Still, I can't wait for these 5 days to pass so that we can be on our HOLIDAY!!!!

Now here's the weird thing. Lately, I have noticed that perhaps I like the anticipation of the holiday MORE than the actual holiday. I have this BAD BAD habit of counting down till the end of a holiday once a holiday starts. I'd say things like 'Oh, our holiday is one quarter over' Its HORRIBLE, I know......I must stop all this counting down.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spoiling your baby

This must be one of the big fears that many parents have - Spoiling their baby. The seed for this fear probably gets planted during pregnancy when you go out to a mall and come across some little child throwing a tantrum. Its inevitable that you'll be thinking 'My child would never turn out like that'.

Then, when your baby is born, you're given 6 months grace. Supposedly, it is impossible to spoil a baby younger than 6 months as they do not know how to manipulate yet. So, you have a good excuse whenever anybody tries to tell you that you're digging your own grave.

The baby boomers would use this checklist : If a crying baby is not wet, hungry, sleepy or sick, then it is NAUGHTY. However, these days, the checklist is : If a crying baby is not wet, hungry, sleepy or sick, then perhaps it needs a CUDDLE.

So thats up until 6 months....what happens after that point?

I have no idea. After 6 months there isn't enough time to spend browsing the internet for some extensive idea on how to avoid spoiling the older baby.

Aaron hardly cries. He is loud, noisy and quick to let you know he doesn't like something...but he seldom cries. So, when he does genuinely cry, isn't that a signal that he NEEDS ME? That I should cuddle him? OR is it the start of the manipulation?

Sunday, April 8, 2007

18 days to go

We've been alone here for 2 days and already I'm counting the days till our holiday. I think I can almost say that I hate it here. Its not me to hate things thats why the 'almost'. Although, I don't think its natural to spend each day wishing you were somewhere or sometime else.

I think I can partially attribute it to the heat and humidity here. Its no joke chasing a 9 month old around the floor while you have beads of sweat rolling down your ears. And thats about all I do here....apart from a brief respite in the afternoons when I get to the gym. Other than that, the WHOLE day is at home. There is nowhere to go here. Malls are boring. There are no parks. Even if there were, it would be too hot. There are no play groups. Basically nothing in terms of ACTIVITIES for mother and baby.

No wonder people live in the 'extended family' environment. At least there will be more people to play with the baby. Or keep an eye on him when you need to go to the bathroom. Or perhaps, hold him awhile as you get a drink. Having somebody else to talk to doesn't hurt either.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

They're leaving :(

3 more days and I'll be alone again. Well, not entirely. There will still be Richard (except he'll be at work) and Aaron (who only knows how to say 'ehhhh')

I wish we were all a little more photogenic. Its incredible to have 4 generations together and I hope one day we'll manage to take a nicer photo. This one is nice but I want a NICER one. Perhaps when Aaron can stand and we don't need to all be lying on his bed :)