Sunday, April 8, 2007

18 days to go

We've been alone here for 2 days and already I'm counting the days till our holiday. I think I can almost say that I hate it here. Its not me to hate things thats why the 'almost'. Although, I don't think its natural to spend each day wishing you were somewhere or sometime else.

I think I can partially attribute it to the heat and humidity here. Its no joke chasing a 9 month old around the floor while you have beads of sweat rolling down your ears. And thats about all I do here....apart from a brief respite in the afternoons when I get to the gym. Other than that, the WHOLE day is at home. There is nowhere to go here. Malls are boring. There are no parks. Even if there were, it would be too hot. There are no play groups. Basically nothing in terms of ACTIVITIES for mother and baby.

No wonder people live in the 'extended family' environment. At least there will be more people to play with the baby. Or keep an eye on him when you need to go to the bathroom. Or perhaps, hold him awhile as you get a drink. Having somebody else to talk to doesn't hurt either.

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