Friday, August 29, 2008

Photostory Friday - Sexy Shorts

PhotoStory Friday
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Here's a definite case of a stitch in time saves nine thousand!

This pair of shorts had a full strip of blue down the sides. They had a few holes in them but I just let them be. I got a twisted kick out of taking him for walks in that pair of shorts. People would discretely look at the holes but were probably too polite to say anything. Anyway, I didn't count on him digging his fingers into the holes and picking at it until it looked like this. Guess we can't wear it out anymore.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Headlines

Even though I rarely read the papers here, we do get it delivered daily for the driver. Anyway, he left it out a few days ago and headline #1 caught my attention. I was quite surprised by it but maybe it does reflect the mentality/attitudes of the people here. I flipped through the papers from the past week to see what else is out there.

#1 & #2 : Its sad to see this sort of attitude towards the gay community.

"Being Gay is like being a drug addict."

"A pair of homosexuals caught Karaoke-ing." The body of the article was somewhat descriptive and even I could understand the part about "their lips were still wet...". Isn't that just too much and also unnecessary information?

#3 :

"13.8 tons of pangolines to be destroyed." No, not live ones. There has been illegal smuggling of pangoline meat to China and recently, they've started doing something about it.

#4 :

"Entertainment venues at hotels may open." The month of Ramadan starts next Tuesday and all "entertainment venues" (inclusive of cafes, karaoke bars and my foot massage place) are closed except from 9pm-12 midnight. No enjoying yourself for one month!

#5 :

"MSG is safe in moderation." You wouldn't believe the amount of MSG that is used here!

#6 :

"Use your minds and instincts to vote". Thats the gist of the headline. The literal translation would be something like "Use a healthy mind". There will be elections for the governor of southern Sumatra next Thursday.

#7 :

Here's a picture of Hilary and Chelsea Clinton but no mention of what the Democratic convention is about or what had taken place.

#8 :

I don't know what "gelar" means but the article was all about how Honda is conducting classes to teach people how to ride their bikes "responsibly". I wonder how successful they will be because the bikes here are just CRAZY!

#9 :

"John Doe's Body Bitten by dogs" I found out that John Doe here is called Mr X.

#10 :

"Debt not paid, child taken as collateral". Supposedly, this is quite a common occurance.

#11 & #12 : Both of the following articles mention something about Ramadan coming up. Maybe the police are doing some sort of "cleanup" before the month of abstinence starts.

"Tens of couples apprehended". They mean unmarried couples that are getting together, presumably for sex. Not allowed!

"8 sex workers and hundreds of bottles of hard liquor snared". "PSK" translates literally to Naughty Woman and is the term they use for prostitutes here.

#13 :
After reading about all the "clean up" activities prior to the start of Ramadan, I came across this advertisement.

"Psst! My husband went for three rounds last night" There's more there but I find it too crude for me to translate! Just go imagine.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who wants a big house?

My mother always says that even if she was given a huge mansion, she wouldn't want to live in it because there would be too much cleaning to do. Sometimes I think that way but then again, if you could afford a house like that, I'm sure you'd be able to have people do the cleaning for you.

So, would I want to live in a big house? YES! At least for a short while so that I can comment on whether or not its all that fun.

The house that we live in now is spacious and has more than enough room for us but as I walk around the neighborhood, I can't help imagining what the inside of some of these houses are like.

The area we live in is fairly old and the original houses here all have some problem or other. Instead of fixing these problems, many of these houses are being torn down and new gigantic houses are being built in their place. Unfortunately, they're all built in such a way that its impossible for me to catch a glimpse inside. Damn! I need to make friends with some of these people also never see them.

Anyway, its fun to imagine what a big house is like. Here are some photos of them. I'm just not good enough a photographer to show how much bigger they are to the original houses in the area.

Here is the house that I blogged about last year when the construction was just starting.

And here are a couple off the other newly completed constructions.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How did he do it?

Aaron is so much better today. Everything seems to have dried up. The bad news is that I've now got whatever he had. I knew I would get it. Ever since he was born, my immunity has been so low that I catch anything that anybody around me has.

How did he manage to carry on the normal toddler day yesterday? His naps weren't any longer. He didn't run around any less. He wasn't quiet or content to sit still doing calmer activities like drawing. He was up and about as if there was nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, all I can think of today is how much my throat hurts and how badly I'd like to just crawl into bed and stay there. Of course, he's as chatty as ever and all my short answers just make him want to engage me in a conversation more.

I'm off to bed for a few minutes. When he wakes up, I'm just going to be lazy and put a DVD in. He can have a treat so that I can snooze. I'll be back with some new photos of my neighborhood tomorrow.

Monday, August 25, 2008

His nose is flowing like a river

Its really strange how certain songs will pop into your head at the weirdest times. There's always a connection but sometimes, its just a very unlikely one.

Today's song is "Peace is flowing like a river". Actually, I'm not sure if that the name of the song. Maybe its "Let if flow". In any case, perhaps its better to call it a hymn since its a song sung in church. Anybody else knows this one?

Peace is flowing like a river,
Flowing out to you and me,
Spreading out into the desert,
Setting all the captives free.

Let it flow through me ..... etc

Yesterday afternoon, Aaron woke up with a really really runny nose. From the time he woke up at around 3pm till NOW (27 hrs later), it hasn't stopped. Its getting everywhere. All over him and all over me as well! Where is it all coming from?? He's never had it this bad before.

I think he has a cold but I'm not totally sure. Aaron is one of those kids that get runny noses when he's teething. He's due for more molars so maybe its them trying to come out.

The good that has come from all this is that he has got the hang of reaching for his handkerchief and wiping his nose. The problem with that is that he's just smearing it all over his face. We started out with tissues but he kept getting it stuck on his tongue somehow.

Anyway, as I was saying, its strange the songs that get associated with situations. So, today it is:

His nose is flowing like a river,
Flowing out to you and me,
Spreading out around the house,
Sending everybody out.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Photostory Friday - Palembang Train Station (Part 2)

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

It was exactly a week ago that we went to check out the Palembang Train station. In last week's Photostory, I showed a deserted train station. This week, its the complete opposite. All the trains leave before 10am in the morning so thats why I didn't see anybody last week.

The place was full of travelers this morning. Thank goodness I didn't decide to try the economy class train to somewhere far away. Those carriages aren't air conditioned yet they had windows that were all half closed so, you can imagine the noise, heat and smell in there.

We took a ride on the new student's train to UNSRI (Universitas Srivijaya). Thats the one and only stop that the train makes and is only for students.

The two things I'll remember from the ride are: Firstly, they keep the doors open for half the journey! Two big doors on either side of the carriage, wide open, even when the train is running at full speed. I have no idea if they do this when the carriages are packed with students though.

The second thing is strange. The train reaches this little "stop", drops a man off and then reverses about 200m. The guy climbs a fence and goes into a little two story building to where the controls are I suppose and changes the rail alignments so that the train can go left to UNSRI. I don't know "train speak" so forgive me for all the inappropriate terms I'm using. We didn't pick the guy up afterwards so, I wonder if he just stays there for the rest of the day.

Here's what the scenery is like 2 mins out of Palembang. Its mostly paddy fields but they did have a few rubber estates in between.

OK. I just have to add this. I tried my best not to drink too much before leaving the house but I had to go to the restroom at the UNSRI stop anyway. To my surprise, it was clean but it must surely be the smallest restroom in the world! I swear, the width there is only the width of my shoulders. You can use the normal sized bucket at the bottom of the photo for reference.

For those of you who have never seen a toilet like this, its a squatting one and very common in Asia.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Questions

Maybe some of you out there in cyberspace can help me with these.

1) What do you do with shoes that are still "good" but hurt your feet?

2) What do you do with the lily plants (still in the ground) after the flowers have wilted and dried up? The stems and leaves still look so healthy!

3) Which burns more calories? The treadmill or the elliptical machine?

4) What kind of bugs are these and how do I get rid of them? They were on my Winged Beans plants and I had to get rid of all my plants. Now, I see them on my guava tree and I'm worried they'll fly onto the new Winged Beans I'm trying to grow.

5) How do you floss a 2 yr old's teeth?

6) At what age do children have their first visit to the dentist?

7) What is this yellow part of the train called?

8) How would you teach a 2 yr old who is "I" and who is "You"? I've tried "Aaron is I and Mama is You" but stopped after a couple of attempts because its confusing when I (the Mama) suddenly say something like "OK, you give it a go".

9) Why is my laptop always low on Virtual Memory even though I've been ruthlessly deleting unwanted files?

10) How do I clean the lens on my webcam? Its producing a really "misty" picture. I've tried tissues and also the piece of microfiber I use for my glasses. Not working.

11) Why is the Netherlands also called Holland? And why are people from there called Dutch?

12) What sort of a hand signal is this boy giving me?

13) From Aaron: "Where is the end of the rainbow?" Out of the blue, he suddenly asked me that while we were playing this morning.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Solve the Rubik's Cube - Check!

I've had a one track mind for the past few days. I've been twisting and turning the Rubik's cube any chance I get. And now, finally, I can solve it. YAY! I'm definitely not a speed solver (I think the record is something around 10 seconds) but I am getting it solved. Anyway, I learned the technique online at this site.

I enjoyed the challenge with the cube and now I'm going to try to learn chess. Online of course. Its been such a long time since I've learned something (I'm not talking about learning things to do with parenting) that I forgot how much fun it is. Chess is something that I have zero knowledge of. I don't know how the pieces move or what the rules are. All I know is that people say "Check" when they are nearly winning and "Checkmate" when they actually win.

So why chess? I'd like to say that my sole motivation is to learn something new. But, its also because I want to teach Aaron (eventually). I don't want to come across as one of those mothers who are over eager about making their children brainy but I do want to do fun things that will help his brain develop as well. Chess might teach him strategy and I did hear that its fun as well. Right?

Anyway, if chess isn't fun enough, I'm also trying to learn how to juggle.

Any other suggestions for things I can learn on the internet?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Deliriously Happy

I spend everyday with Aaron. And naturally, there are ups and downs to each day. Sometimes though, there are special days where the 'Ups' receive some sort of a boost to higher than normal levels. Like today. It rained the whole day, making it quite cool for a change, and the both of us had a blast. It wasn't even because we did anything out of the ordinary today. Just the normal lego time, reading, drawing, and make believe activities.

One of the fun moments from today was when Aaron decided that Peter Rabbit was his baby. He asked me to show how he should carry 'his baby' (apart from draping it over his back and hanging on to its ears). And then, he proceeded to sing a lullaby and rock it! I really had to keep all my laughter inside because bursting out would have ruined the moment and he would have stopped.

We're still getting that face whenever the camera is out. I wonder if he thinks that he's smiling or he's purposely scrunching his face up that way. Anyway, Peter Rabbit was eventually dressed in one of Aaron's shorts.

I could feel that Aaron was just as happy as I was. At bedtime, he was smiling and giggling the whole time. And I couldn't stop kissing his chubby cheeks. They were so bouncy! Boing!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Its not MY job but.....

Am I allowed to bitch about Richard's job and HIS bosses? Its not that I miss the days that I regularly complained about my job but HIS bosses really make me mad.

Take today for example, its a very very rare long weekend here and his bosses in Malaysia know it. This is time that I cherish because Aaron and I have very little time together with Richard during the normal work week. Yet, the boss HAS to find something urgent to bug Richard with all day long.

I've noticed that this is also the case whenever Richard goes on leave. The guy will be calling Richard while we're at the airport, checking in at the hotel, by the pool or WHEREVER we may be. So, he's the sort that never takes a day off (even Sundays) and its really coming across as if he can't stand to know that people are not working. He has to make sure that you do at least some sort of work during your holidays.

This morning when I thought Richard and I would have some time to chat or play Boggle or something, the guy called. No big deal. Then not long after that, when we wanted to play with Aaron, he called again. And it was a loooong call. I felt like I was a pot of water, slowly simmering and then finally reaching a boil. Its childish, but I made sure to talk loudly in the background, I left Aaron crying for longer than he needed, and I made all sorts of comments about time off. Yeah yeah, it will ultimately hurt Richard but I wasn't thinking. I was boiling remember!

I'm probably particularly cheesed off today because I just heard yesterday that the factory in Malaysia (where Richard was prior to Palembang) has recently converted to a 5 day work week. When Richard was there he got a huge lecture when he asked about that and was told that he was too calculating with the company and if he wanted to be that way, then he'll "GET IT" when bonus was paid. Meanwhile, Palembang is now the only factory out of six that is still working the extra two hours each day (because it would be too calculating to leave at the official time) and still working from 8-1pm on Saturdays. Y'know, they won't even consider a rotational system for allowing people a Saturday off????

Yes, we made the choice together for him to join this company knowing that it had certain stupid work practices but it doesn't mean that I can't have my little rant here. It makes me feel better and I don't have a bonus to jeopardize.

Anyway, nothing will change. I'll just have to accept this as part of the overall package. I get the good stuff but I need to have the bad stuff too. The boss will make sure of that.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Independence Day Olympics

While Michael Phelps was busy winning his 8th Gold medal, we were having a blast participating in the neighborhood 'Olympics'. Today is Indonesia's 63rd Independence Day and each year, the neighborhood has a full day of activities.

In the morning, they had all the kids games. We only managed to stay for one of them because Aaron insisted on going home after his 'event'.

Here he is lining up to register:

The objective of the game was to eat the dangled 'keropok' without using your hands. I had to help Aaron cheat a bit but its just for the fun of participating.

There was a two hour break from 12-2pm and then the afternoon had some games for the grown ups. Richard joined in this weird caterpillar race.

And here I am in the tug of war. We won!! There were prizes too :)

The finale was the climbing of a palm tree that was all greased up. The funny thing here was that it appears that nobody in our neighborhood was rough and tough enough to do this. I think some youth from a neighboring housing area were invited to come. I wish I got some better photos but these are the best of the lot. I had a video of the climb up, but its just too dark to see anything. So disappointed!

The prizes waiting for them on top included sandals, an umbrella, shirts, a belt, and some money.

Many people from the neighborhood were there for at least part of the day and we really had a lot of fun. Actually, its been a great weekend so far and there is still one more day to it. Richard works 5.5 days here so our weekends are normally just one and a half days so, this one is a real treat.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Photostory Friday - Palembang Train Station (Part 1)

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Aaron is two now and its about time we explored a little more of Palembang. I have been thinking of heading to the train station and just going as far as the first stop before turning back. I don't think I'm ready to be totally adventurous with overnight trips to unknown destinations with a toddler.

Today, we took the long 45 min drive to Stesen Kertapati (Palembang's one and only train station) to try to get some sort of timetable. The main building where I'm guessing ticket sales happen was closed but the gates to the platform were wide open. This is what we saw:

I couldn't see the station master or anybody that looked like they worked there. That train didn't look like it was leaving anytime soon and there was no way I could contain Aaron anymore so we went exploring. He thought he would find Thomas, or Percy, or some other train he knew there.

The place smelled similar to a zoo, or a farm maybe. Apart from the three goats that greeted us, there were also plenty of chickens around. The train there had some of the carriage doors open and I didn't see anybody around (initially) so I took Aaron for a tour inside.

This train only had Executive and Business Class seats. The Executive seats were in the tinted window and air conditioned section of the train which was locked. We walked through the Business Class section.

They don't have timetables as such but we met a friendly man who gave us the run down on the schedule.

The trains don't run very frequently and the closest stop is somewhere 90mins away. That train leaves in the morning and there will be no returning train until some time in the evening. The destination is a small farming town. It will be hot and there will probably be NOWHERE to go. My sense of adventure is somewhat dimmer after finding that out. Its hard when you have to keep a toddler entertained, cool, napped and fed.

The alternative is a 'private' train that is used only by students to go to a college about 30 mins away. Supposedly, I can negotiate a prize and hop on for a ride. My objective is just to see the outskirts of Palembang and also to let Aaron have the whole train experience.

I'm determined to make some sort of a trip next week so, stay tuned for Palembang Train Station (Part 2).

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - My Desk

13 Things I Have On My Desk

1) My camera - Canon IXUS 850 IS. I got this about 4 months after Aaron was born because he was starting to move faster and my old camera was too slow for him. That was the excuse I used anyway.

2) My cellphone. Its a Nokia but I have no idea what model. Its nearly 4 years old and ancient by today's standards. Richard got it for free at work but passed it to me to use.

3) One of these things left over from Aaron's party. I have no idea what they're called.

4) A Rubik's cube that I got for Christmas about 20 years ago. It frustrated me so much back then that I tried to peel the stickers off. Unfortunately, they are VERY WELL glued down. I finally solved it for the first time about 3 weeks ago, with the help of the internet. Since Monday, I have been trying to master the technique. I've got the hang of the first two layers so far.

5) Aaron's nappy clip. We use cloth nappies for his naps and this is what I use to hold it together. I started out with the safety pins but pinned myself one too many times.

6) Two fake guitar picks from Aaron's guitar.

7) My hairclip. Its a bit of a useless one because it holds very little of my hair. I use it just to keep the hair out of my eyes sometimes.

8) The book I'm reading, Breastfeeding : Biocultural perspectives. Its a compilation of various research and commentary on breastfeeding and how it is both a biological as well as cultural phenomena. Basically, I got it so that I would have some decent statistics based come backs to the range of questions/comments I receive from people about me still nursing my 2 yr old.

9) My Philips CD Player / Clock / Radio. Richard wanted to get me an iPod but I chose this instead. Cheaper and more useful for me and Aaron. The sound out of this is good and it plays normal CDs as well as MP3s. Sometimes I connect it to my laptop. There is a USB port there but I haven't tried it yet.

10) My mini torch. I got this from the night markets in Ipoh for RM 5 (USD 1.25). I keep it here because we've been having power outages several times a week.

11) Big blue cup that I stick my pens, marker pens (many dried up) , pencils, craft scissors, Aaron's nail scissors, USB cable, audio cables, highlighters, tags, receipts in.....yes, its very congested in there.

12) Two of these things. The black one is purchased but I made the 2nd one myself. Its so easy if you happen to have a narrow but long cardboard box. Both are stuffed full! Wet wipes, blutack, tripod, CDs, Reader's Digest, Coloured Paper, notebooks....

13) And of course, my laptop. Also getting to be a little old at 4 years. Its my connection to family, friends and the rest of the world. I leave it on and online the whole day. Sometimes, my mother and I have Skype on with video and carry on about the house as normal. I've been trying to justify getting myself a desktop but haven't been able to yet. This one is still working fine.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Childbirth Hearsay

Life here in Indonesia is really so different from the life I was exposed to prior to coming here.

I've mentioned before that there are so many people that are poor here. There are poor people everywhere but I just feel that I come across sad stories so much more often here in Palembang than in the other places I've lived. I heard some things today, but I haven't checked the information with other sources. After all, I'm not writing for CNN or BBC., just The Milk Bar. Its an account of what I encountered today.

I heard that if you go to a hospital to have your baby and then are unable to pay the bill. They send you home but keep the baby there until you pay up. Of course, there are consequences all over the world if you don't pay the bill but I've never heard first hand accounts of such things before. The average bill for a normal and unassisted delivery is supposedly about IRP700,000 (USD 76). The problem is that for many of those poor families, their monthly pay is only about IRP400,000 or less. And all that money goes to their daily life. How would they ever save up the money to have (and then look after) a baby?

Carrying on the topic of childbirth, I also heard about the women who opt for delivery by a traditional midwife. These are usually home births of course. I can understand that cost would be a factor in choosing this option but to my surprise, there was another reason. Supposedly, some women choose to give birth this way because they won't get stitched up afterwards. Yes, they do not want the stitches because there are supposedly a lot of horror stories circulating about women who had their babies in 'birth centers' (a cheaper option to hospitals) where they received their stitches without anesthetic. YIKES! Maybe the anesthetic costs extra....

Two years ago, an Indonesian maid in Malaysia told me that after she had her babies, her abdomen was wrapped in several meters of cloth. I think she mentioned that this is partly to push your body (inside and out) back to shape. Also, her big toes were tied together for a month so that her legs were forced together. NOW, after today's new info, I'm wondering if she had her toes tied together because she had the extremely natural delivery and recovery process.

Childbirth is a scary enough thought for an average person but imagine if you're young, poor and married off at 15?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why do people give boys guns?

Up until now, I haven't bought any toy guns for Aaron. I've never even mentioned guns or make a pretend gun with my thumb and index finger. I just feel that there is no need for young kids (or ANYBODY) to play with something so destructive. Its not that I'm trying to shield him from reality either. When he understands more words, and we come across guns, I'll explain to him what they are.

He received two 'guns' as birthday presents the other day. He looked at them and asked what they were. I said "Guns" and showed him that when he pressed the trigger, all sorts of annoying sounds were played. The noises were just awful; whiny, siren-y type sounds mixed with some one yelling 'Fire'. Aaron didn't show much interest in them after that and I definitely don't want to be hearing those noises all day long so I've kept both guns.

I took photos of both because they had some 'interesting' wording on the packaging.

"Press trigger, the light revolves. Send out the combat voice of the true condition. The gun tail sends out the twinkling light. Demolishing end! It is super to kill the wound dint weapon! Finally Weapon. The gun of the space warrior" BTW, those aren't my typos.

Wording on the lower left: "The best welcome gifts for children, novel style, vivid figure, special design, unique package, alot of fun, simulating atrue style" Once again, no typos on my part.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Labels and Judgement

Today, I've been thinking about some unfair criticism that I have doled out in the past. They are from the time before Aaron was born or maybe when he was still only a few months old. Basically from a time when I didn't know any better.

I met a super energetic 4 year old at my brother's wedding in January last year. He was labeled "Monster Child" almost instantly. He was so full of energy, screaming and bouncing everywhere. He annoyed the heck out of everybody. I wasn't there to witness it but he supposedly also slapped my brother's mother-in-law's in the face.

Now, whenever we go for an event that involves having large crowds of people, I think of that boy and worry that Aaron is going to be the "Monster Child". I also realize that the original Monster Child was probably overtired, bored and high on all the junk food that was circulating. I'm a little wiser now and am definitely not going to judge his parents. They were probably trying their best to be with the family as well as keep their son manageable.

Another thing I've done in the past is look disgustedly at parents in malls that let their children throw tantrums. Aaron has had a couple of meltdowns in public that I have ignored and either walked on with him grabbing my ankles or continued browsing the shelves of the supermarket as he thrashed around in the shopping cart. I couldn't give in to him just to keep him quiet. And since all my other reasoning didn't work in those particular situations, the only option I had left was to show him that kicking up a big stink wasn't going to get him anything.

So its easy before you have children, or before your children reach those stages, to judge and label. I know I did. And sometimes, even now, I catch myself thinking that "I'd never let Aaron be like that". But I k now better than to let my thoughts go any further because it would probably come back at me in a few months. This whole parenting thing is so unpredictable. And, unless you have gone through that particular stage, there is no way to genuinely understand enough of whats going on to make any judgment. Of course, once you're there, you'll no not to judge at all. These days, I feel guilty even just commenting.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

2nd Party for the 2 yr old

Today has been a really really good day. We had Aaron's second 2nd Birthday Party at home. We had a combined celebration for him and my father back in Malaysia but this one was specially for him, with all his friends. Also, I don't know how many birthdays Aaron will have here so I felt we should take the opportunity to have a party so that we can look back on it in 20 years time when we reminisce about Palembang.

We invited 8 kids (aged from 1-8) and their parents. I found it a little hard to get the adult conversation going but once the games started, everybody joined in. They were all simple games and were all rigged so that I could make sure that everybody got a "prize". Nobody threw a tantrum, everybody had lunch and it looked like they all had a good time.

Aaron enjoyed himself too. It was good to see him having friends and starting to socialize.

The girl in the pink dress is his current BFF and comes over almost everyday. She's five but somehow, the two of them play together really really well. I think Aaron is wondering why she looks so fluffy today. You can also see the guitar that he 'won'. He kept strumming it and walking here and there with it. Would NOT let go!

Take a look at these three:

Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of all the children together because 3 of them were late. I wish I thought to take a group shot of them towards the end of the party.

Here is my favorite photo from the day (taken before anybody arrived). It was so hot that I almost wanted to leave him half naked. Just as well, I didn't. A few of the people who arrived early asked him why he wasn't getting changed yet. He WAS already. Singlets are the only shirts he owns over here!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Photostory Friday

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Photostory Friday today is all about living with lighting fast toddlers.

Look at that face.

2 seconds later.

I should have expected it. How could I let myself believe that this particular 'painting' session would be any cleaner than the others.

Alright, gotta go. Have to get that lighting fast and constantly moving toddler to settle down and go to sleep so I can watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

UPDATE (1 hr later): I am the ONLY person not watching the opening ceremony right now. I'm also not going to get to watch ANY of the games. I had just assumed that there would be coverage of the largest sporting event going on but nooooo....we don't have it here. Can you believe it? Why am I paying so much each month for TV when I can't watch the most exciting TV of all? Supposedly one of the local stations will have coverage, and supposedly, I have that station but all I'm seeing is some crappy local goth band! Something needs to be done tomorrow.