Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Questions

Maybe some of you out there in cyberspace can help me with these.

1) What do you do with shoes that are still "good" but hurt your feet?

2) What do you do with the lily plants (still in the ground) after the flowers have wilted and dried up? The stems and leaves still look so healthy!

3) Which burns more calories? The treadmill or the elliptical machine?

4) What kind of bugs are these and how do I get rid of them? They were on my Winged Beans plants and I had to get rid of all my plants. Now, I see them on my guava tree and I'm worried they'll fly onto the new Winged Beans I'm trying to grow.

5) How do you floss a 2 yr old's teeth?

6) At what age do children have their first visit to the dentist?

7) What is this yellow part of the train called?

8) How would you teach a 2 yr old who is "I" and who is "You"? I've tried "Aaron is I and Mama is You" but stopped after a couple of attempts because its confusing when I (the Mama) suddenly say something like "OK, you give it a go".

9) Why is my laptop always low on Virtual Memory even though I've been ruthlessly deleting unwanted files?

10) How do I clean the lens on my webcam? Its producing a really "misty" picture. I've tried tissues and also the piece of microfiber I use for my glasses. Not working.

11) Why is the Netherlands also called Holland? And why are people from there called Dutch?

12) What sort of a hand signal is this boy giving me?

13) From Aaron: "Where is the end of the rainbow?" Out of the blue, he suddenly asked me that while we were playing this morning.


johnorford said...

9) ur programs take up memory. check if u need all the programs running in the system tray.

11) i think holland is a large state in NL... (might b wrong)

Bilbo said...

The yellow part on the train is the smokestack; as for the hand signal the boy is giving you, if he had turned his hand so that the fingers were pointing toward you (rather than up), it would be an old Eastern European peasant defense against the "evil eye." You weren't glaring at him, were you?

Bilbo said...

...and the yellow part connecting the wheels is the "connecting rod" (at least, according to the schematic diagram in Wikipedia).

Kellan said...

These were all fabulous questions and I don't think I know the answers to any of them. I loved Aaron's rainbow question and the "you" "I" question is confusing and I think they just finally get it somehow.

Take care and hope you have a good day - Kellan

Mike said...

9 - try a free program called "crap cleaner".
If you have auto logons set up with cookies, uncheck the cookie box. Otherwise this thing wipes out EVERYTHING that slows a computer down. The first time you run it it will take a while to complete. It may delete up to 1 gig of old crap. - I take no responsibility for your computer problems afterwards, because computers suck. - I run this about once a month and have not had any problems except for resetting up logons.

7 - connecting rod. (I hate know it alls that get up at 4:30 in the morning when normal people are sleeping) Oh look what I found for Aaron!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

The answer to all those questions is "Ask your teacher."

MamaGeek said...

I'm anxious to hear the answers to these. Because, yeah, I'm pretty clueless on this end.

Amanda said...

WOW! I got some answers!

Bilbo/Mike: Connecting rod! D'oh! What else would it be called??

Mike: The two links you provided look veeery interesting. I'm definitely going to try to clean up the junk in my hard drive when Aaron is asleep. And when he wakes, we're going to learn about the steam engine :)

Thank you all so much!

egan said...

There are many questions here. Holland is more specifically a region in The Netherlands. The terms do get used interchangeably for the country though.

Bilbo covered the yellow thing. I'm not sure what gesture that boy is flashing you, but it doesn't look kind. We took our daughter to the dentist at one month because she was born with a tooth. Normally I think it's every 6-12 months once the first teeth come in.

The elliptical burns more calories from what I recall. It's a more complete body workout. I donate shoes like that to charity.

Silverlines said...

5) There's a handy dental floss with holder, I guess? If you haven't used it, that is.

6) I took mine when she was 3 years old.

9) Someone says that you have to have at least 50% memory space to be able to run programs smoothly. An upgrade might be helpful.

Have a nice weekend.

Casey's trio said...

What a creative blog post...I can only give my experience on #5 and 6...we started taking the girls do the dentist just before they turned two and we use the little flossers with a handle for the girls. They make them for kids in bright colors in the shapes of animals in the US