Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why do people give boys guns?

Up until now, I haven't bought any toy guns for Aaron. I've never even mentioned guns or make a pretend gun with my thumb and index finger. I just feel that there is no need for young kids (or ANYBODY) to play with something so destructive. Its not that I'm trying to shield him from reality either. When he understands more words, and we come across guns, I'll explain to him what they are.

He received two 'guns' as birthday presents the other day. He looked at them and asked what they were. I said "Guns" and showed him that when he pressed the trigger, all sorts of annoying sounds were played. The noises were just awful; whiny, siren-y type sounds mixed with some one yelling 'Fire'. Aaron didn't show much interest in them after that and I definitely don't want to be hearing those noises all day long so I've kept both guns.

I took photos of both because they had some 'interesting' wording on the packaging.

"Press trigger, the light revolves. Send out the combat voice of the true condition. The gun tail sends out the twinkling light. Demolishing end! It is super to kill the wound dint weapon! Finally Weapon. The gun of the space warrior" BTW, those aren't my typos.

Wording on the lower left: "The best welcome gifts for children, novel style, vivid figure, special design, unique package, alot of fun, simulating atrue style" Once again, no typos on my part.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

A had a Johnny Seven gun when I was young, that had seven weapons in one (all plastic)

elizabeth embracing life said...

My first child made a gun out of duplo's and I was devistated. He went on to draw picturs of guns. How on earth do they learn this stuff. I am happy to say at age 20he is a relaxed non-violent young adult. It's hard to sheild them from everything, but good parenting typically wins out.

MamaGeek said...

Oh brother. That's about par! I haven't started the gun thing. YET. But it's only a matter of time I know.

Is Aaron into Thomas the Tank? My guy has just fell into that trap. :)

Mike said...

Amanda, I'm going to send your son a gun also. Go look at my post 505 to see a picture of it.

egan said...

Those are some great translations or fabrications.

I'm not a fan of toy guns. I had them as a kid and it only made me more fascinated in the real deal.

Nap Warden said...

The Little Man isn't there yet. For some odd reason, he seems to be into shoes?