Sunday, August 10, 2008

2nd Party for the 2 yr old

Today has been a really really good day. We had Aaron's second 2nd Birthday Party at home. We had a combined celebration for him and my father back in Malaysia but this one was specially for him, with all his friends. Also, I don't know how many birthdays Aaron will have here so I felt we should take the opportunity to have a party so that we can look back on it in 20 years time when we reminisce about Palembang.

We invited 8 kids (aged from 1-8) and their parents. I found it a little hard to get the adult conversation going but once the games started, everybody joined in. They were all simple games and were all rigged so that I could make sure that everybody got a "prize". Nobody threw a tantrum, everybody had lunch and it looked like they all had a good time.

Aaron enjoyed himself too. It was good to see him having friends and starting to socialize.

The girl in the pink dress is his current BFF and comes over almost everyday. She's five but somehow, the two of them play together really really well. I think Aaron is wondering why she looks so fluffy today. You can also see the guitar that he 'won'. He kept strumming it and walking here and there with it. Would NOT let go!

Take a look at these three:

Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of all the children together because 3 of them were late. I wish I thought to take a group shot of them towards the end of the party.

Here is my favorite photo from the day (taken before anybody arrived). It was so hot that I almost wanted to leave him half naked. Just as well, I didn't. A few of the people who arrived early asked him why he wasn't getting changed yet. He WAS already. Singlets are the only shirts he owns over here!!


MamaGeek said...

Wow, how exciting! Aaron must have loved it. That looks like one fun party Amanda. Right down to the cake!

Mike said...

"I found it a little hard to get the adult conversation going but once the games started, everybody joined in."

Sounds like the ol' adult excuse to play kids games!

nickyeo said...

Hi, Happy Birthday Aaron, looks like u really had a nice time.

Bilbo said...

We're getting ready to celebrate Leya's first looks as if Aaron's party has set the standard. Especially for size of cake!

elizabeth embracing life said...

Aaron is so absolutely adorable. What a fun party, and you now have a two year old. Congratulations!!!