Monday, August 25, 2008

His nose is flowing like a river

Its really strange how certain songs will pop into your head at the weirdest times. There's always a connection but sometimes, its just a very unlikely one.

Today's song is "Peace is flowing like a river". Actually, I'm not sure if that the name of the song. Maybe its "Let if flow". In any case, perhaps its better to call it a hymn since its a song sung in church. Anybody else knows this one?

Peace is flowing like a river,
Flowing out to you and me,
Spreading out into the desert,
Setting all the captives free.

Let it flow through me ..... etc

Yesterday afternoon, Aaron woke up with a really really runny nose. From the time he woke up at around 3pm till NOW (27 hrs later), it hasn't stopped. Its getting everywhere. All over him and all over me as well! Where is it all coming from?? He's never had it this bad before.

I think he has a cold but I'm not totally sure. Aaron is one of those kids that get runny noses when he's teething. He's due for more molars so maybe its them trying to come out.

The good that has come from all this is that he has got the hang of reaching for his handkerchief and wiping his nose. The problem with that is that he's just smearing it all over his face. We started out with tissues but he kept getting it stuck on his tongue somehow.

Anyway, as I was saying, its strange the songs that get associated with situations. So, today it is:

His nose is flowing like a river,
Flowing out to you and me,
Spreading out around the house,
Sending everybody out.


Bilbo said...

You know, Amanda, I appreciate your problem but I probably could have gone all day without that information. Sometimes it's great to know that my child-rearing days are far behind me...

John said...

I hope that the river runs dry soon!

Mike said...

And thus the term "snotty nosed little kid".

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's an odd title for a song!

Kate said...

I love that song (hymn?)! I haven't heard it in a long time.

Sorry he had a runny nose. No fun. I feel your pain!