Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How did he do it?

Aaron is so much better today. Everything seems to have dried up. The bad news is that I've now got whatever he had. I knew I would get it. Ever since he was born, my immunity has been so low that I catch anything that anybody around me has.

How did he manage to carry on the normal toddler day yesterday? His naps weren't any longer. He didn't run around any less. He wasn't quiet or content to sit still doing calmer activities like drawing. He was up and about as if there was nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, all I can think of today is how much my throat hurts and how badly I'd like to just crawl into bed and stay there. Of course, he's as chatty as ever and all my short answers just make him want to engage me in a conversation more.

I'm off to bed for a few minutes. When he wakes up, I'm just going to be lazy and put a DVD in. He can have a treat so that I can snooze. I'll be back with some new photos of my neighborhood tomorrow.


John said...

I hope that you get over it as quickly as he did!

MamaGeek said...

What John said. We were both sick last week too (I think we got it from a playdate). Times like this definitely call for a DVD!

Feel better.

egan said...

Yeah, photos of the neighborhood. Does he space out big time in front of the DVD player? We haven't officially introduced our daughter to tv yet because I've seen how it shifts a child's focus immediately.

Get some rest. By reading this post, my throat almost got scratchy.

Amanda said...

So far, I've only let Aaron watch the same 3 DVDs (Wiggles, Thomas and an "educational" one) that we have. And, each time (except for yesterday) I try to limit it to just 30 mins. So far, it grabs his attention but he doesn't sit there to watch it like adults do. He's usually still walking around and doing other things at the same time. If there's a song that he particularly likes, he'll sing and dance a long with it.

I did notice "spacing out" when I had the TV on normal channels - things that he had never watched before. So, I don't think he's ready for all that and we're just sticking to the familiar stuff for now. He doesn't need to know that there is so much more in that box!

Nap Warden said...

Oh no...feel better:)