Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Deliriously Happy

I spend everyday with Aaron. And naturally, there are ups and downs to each day. Sometimes though, there are special days where the 'Ups' receive some sort of a boost to higher than normal levels. Like today. It rained the whole day, making it quite cool for a change, and the both of us had a blast. It wasn't even because we did anything out of the ordinary today. Just the normal lego time, reading, drawing, and make believe activities.

One of the fun moments from today was when Aaron decided that Peter Rabbit was his baby. He asked me to show how he should carry 'his baby' (apart from draping it over his back and hanging on to its ears). And then, he proceeded to sing a lullaby and rock it! I really had to keep all my laughter inside because bursting out would have ruined the moment and he would have stopped.

We're still getting that face whenever the camera is out. I wonder if he thinks that he's smiling or he's purposely scrunching his face up that way. Anyway, Peter Rabbit was eventually dressed in one of Aaron's shorts.

I could feel that Aaron was just as happy as I was. At bedtime, he was smiling and giggling the whole time. And I couldn't stop kissing his chubby cheeks. They were so bouncy! Boing!


Casey's trio said...

I love his smile...my girls do the same thing when the camera comes out. I'm so glad you enjoyed an deliriously happy day together:)

Mike said...

Aaron looks like he's getting psyched up for an Olympic event.

MamaGeek said...

Ah, I love bliss like this. THESE are the moments we'll miss in like 5 years. I love that face!

Kellan said...

I just love hearing about your and your sweet boy. I tell how happy you are and how happy he is! I think you are a wonderful mother and it comes through your writing and your stories!

Take care - Kellan