Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - My Desk

13 Things I Have On My Desk

1) My camera - Canon IXUS 850 IS. I got this about 4 months after Aaron was born because he was starting to move faster and my old camera was too slow for him. That was the excuse I used anyway.

2) My cellphone. Its a Nokia but I have no idea what model. Its nearly 4 years old and ancient by today's standards. Richard got it for free at work but passed it to me to use.

3) One of these things left over from Aaron's party. I have no idea what they're called.

4) A Rubik's cube that I got for Christmas about 20 years ago. It frustrated me so much back then that I tried to peel the stickers off. Unfortunately, they are VERY WELL glued down. I finally solved it for the first time about 3 weeks ago, with the help of the internet. Since Monday, I have been trying to master the technique. I've got the hang of the first two layers so far.

5) Aaron's nappy clip. We use cloth nappies for his naps and this is what I use to hold it together. I started out with the safety pins but pinned myself one too many times.

6) Two fake guitar picks from Aaron's guitar.

7) My hairclip. Its a bit of a useless one because it holds very little of my hair. I use it just to keep the hair out of my eyes sometimes.

8) The book I'm reading, Breastfeeding : Biocultural perspectives. Its a compilation of various research and commentary on breastfeeding and how it is both a biological as well as cultural phenomena. Basically, I got it so that I would have some decent statistics based come backs to the range of questions/comments I receive from people about me still nursing my 2 yr old.

9) My Philips CD Player / Clock / Radio. Richard wanted to get me an iPod but I chose this instead. Cheaper and more useful for me and Aaron. The sound out of this is good and it plays normal CDs as well as MP3s. Sometimes I connect it to my laptop. There is a USB port there but I haven't tried it yet.

10) My mini torch. I got this from the night markets in Ipoh for RM 5 (USD 1.25). I keep it here because we've been having power outages several times a week.

11) Big blue cup that I stick my pens, marker pens (many dried up) , pencils, craft scissors, Aaron's nail scissors, USB cable, audio cables, highlighters, tags, receipts in.....yes, its very congested in there.

12) Two of these things. The black one is purchased but I made the 2nd one myself. Its so easy if you happen to have a narrow but long cardboard box. Both are stuffed full! Wet wipes, blutack, tripod, CDs, Reader's Digest, Coloured Paper, notebooks....

13) And of course, my laptop. Also getting to be a little old at 4 years. Its my connection to family, friends and the rest of the world. I leave it on and online the whole day. Sometimes, my mother and I have Skype on with video and carry on about the house as normal. I've been trying to justify getting myself a desktop but haven't been able to yet. This one is still working fine.


Mike said...

I wish I only had 13 things on my desk. I have 13 things in every spot and there are a lot of spots on my desk.

MamaGeek said...

So does the camera keep up with Aaron? :) No need to answer THAT!

And let's hope you didn't curse yourself by saying your PC works, I did that and mine died. OY.