Thursday, July 12, 2007


I know I am spending too much time online but I can't stop reading about various ways to make money online. Blogvertise is another way that I've come across today.

It is different form other sites that pay you for blogging. Once your blog is approved by the Blogvertise administrator, you'll be added to an assignment queue. When it is your turn, you will then be emailed the tasks or assignments to blog about.

With the task in hand, the post entry will need to mention the website (of course) and also provide at least 3 links to the website in the blog entry. By the way, this entry will need to be permanent and never deleted. The good thing is that it is not necessarily an endorsement of the website's products. It can be just a discussion, mention or just how it relates to the topic of your blog.

As usual, after writing the blog entry, it will need to be submitted back for review and approval. Once approved, payment will be received after 30 days via Paypal.

It sounds good to me and I've already signed up. Just waiting for approval of this blog now.

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Surfergirl said...

this sounds good! thanks for the heads up. may try this too. PPP is getting..stale.