Friday, July 27, 2007

More on the Chinaman Company

Yes, Richard works for a Chinaman Company and we knowingly made the decision for him to switch over. This doesn’t stop me from having it as my pet peeve. Here are a few more reasons why:

The one that ticked me off today:
- Richard will need to work a full day this Saturday because his boss is visiting and is a micro manager who feels that his presence in the factory will increase productivity. Therefore...all other managers have to do the same. Its the whole 'keep them on their toes' mentality. If he expects Richard to go in on Sunday (our anniversary) I will personally go and accompany them on the plant floor to boost productivity even MORE!

Other reasons why they tick me off regularly:
- They work five and a half days each week.
- At Plant 1, the 4 hrs on Saturday morning is required so that there is somebody to answer the phone just in case a customer rings. Customers are either sleeping in or will understand that its SATURDAY.
- At Plant 2, the half day is 1 hr longer than at Plant 1. Just because.
- They have an internet connection but the main purpose is for the big bosses overseas to monitor remote plants via CCTVs. No plans to go paperless in the next 100 yrs. Managers are required to put ink on paper to approve anything. Waste of time!
- Re-imbursements may be delayed by up to a month if the approving manager forgets to put the ink on paper before leaving. Monthly wages also need the ink. Never mind that we are given an allowance here that lasts exactly a month ONLY! The rest of the wages are banked into the Malaysian account.
- To avoid paying an employee his expat wages/allowances, the company requests that he goes on ‘assimilation trips’ once a month for several weeks per trip.

Anyway...I'm fuming. This weekend is our last together before I leave for Brisbane and we had things planned!

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Evelyn said...

You should bring Aaron in and tell them that you are starting him young so that he can help boost productivity the minute he's old enough to read/write and do filing for all those paperwork.

That's precisely why I would never work for a local i.e. asian company ever again. Remember my stint at that PR agency in KL where I had to travel to Singapore by BUS every week and that means working/traveling throughout my weekend coz we were only allowed to travel after work on Saturday? And, I have to take the bus back on Tuesday after work, get in around 10-ish pm and am expected back at the office the next day, 9am. My other ex-boss at Hoffman still brings it up as an example of slave labor every time someone complains about their job... coz nothing can beat that! Haha.