Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Bionic Fish Finder or a Chia Pet?

As a child, I enjoyed following my father and brother on their fishing expedition. I still fish with my brother when I visit him. These days, we use fishing rods instead of the hand reels we had as children. He's even talking about getting a Bionic Fish Finder. Although...I find that it kinda takes the fun of the suspense. His birthday is coming up in November so I'm looking into getting him one.

I was browsing here for a fish finder that I could get online and came across this really interesting 'pet'. Its called a Chia Pet. Its basically a terracotta pot that will sprout hair (grass) so you can keep trimming it. They're really much cuter than the Bionic Fish Finder and come in all sorts of cartoon characters.


Surfergirl said...

gosh the CHIA PETS!!! haha! brings me way way back. the tv ads, and that 'stick in your head' jingle--"Ch-Ch-Ch--Chia Pets!!!"
don't worry wont tell the fisherman :))

Evelyn said...

Hmm... I think Colin Foo used to have them, those Chia Pets.