Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I have CLEAN water

Finally, we can wash the dishes. Mop the floor. Have a shower at home. Wash our hands.
We ordered a truck of water yesterday as I'm sure it will take several days for the water in the pipes to be clean again.

We're basically waiting for everybody else to use up the dirty water and get the muck out of the pipes. I think the neighbors just wait for all the dirt particles to settle and then use the 'clean' water on top. But...that doesn't mean its CLEAN!!


Evelyn said...

YAY! Reminds me of those days in Malaysia where they have to shut down the pipes for some work and we had to fill our tubs with water before they did so. A few years back, I think KL was hit by some water issue as well. We do take clean water for granted.

Amanda said...

Turns out that I'll have to buy more water....its going to take a few days to clear up.