Friday, July 13, 2007

Toddler escourted off Continental Express ??

There was a preview of this story while I was at the gym but I left too early to hear what was going on. Now that I have read it.....I'm starting to worry a little about our first long haul flight to Australia at the end of this month.

Supposedly, the toddler was just very excited about being on the plane and would not stop staying 'Bye Bye, Plane'. And for this, the flight attendant asked the mother to give him some Benadryl! After refusing, they were both escorted off the plane. Thats discrimination against..............chatterboxes!

Aaron is a chatterbox. And, he learnt to recognize the word plane this week...he also looks for them in the sky whenever he hears them flying over.

While I'm a little worried about him being noisy on the flight, I'm more concerned with him getting himself overtired rather than worried about what other people will think of me. A baby is a baby....its nobody's fault that they are sometimes noisy or cry. Just as there will always be some people on planes who snore loudly, laugh out loud at funny movies or have smelly feet yet insist on taking their shoes off....there will be noisy babies on planes.

I've always accepted the babies that I've sat next to and I hope that other people will be as kind to me. After all, I will be the one sharing an economy class seat with a wriggly toddler for close to 7 hours.


Damselfly said...

I read this story too. The flight attendant most likely doesn't have children and doesn't like children.

Just how much power do flight attendants have? It's scary....

Evelyn said...

My ex-boss had to bring her one-year old son to England to meet the in-laws on her own one time and her son is one who instead of falling asleep when he gets tired, he would fight it and gets REALLY cranky and as a result, throws his tantrums (once, it took 3 nurses to hold him down when he was about 2+). His pediatrician prescribed this cough mixture so that it would ease him to sleep since my boss didnt want to feed him with just any medication that would put him to sleep. Apparently, it worked and my boss was a happy mommy.

While I emphatize with babies who cries during the flight especially when the plane takes off and/or lands due to the air pressure (it's hard on the adults, so, you can imagine what it would be like for the babies!), some parents just dont know how to soothe them and the incessant crying can be hard on other passengers afterall, we all share the same space. It's like smoking... We share the same air, so, dont pollute the air that we all breathe together. Also, there was one time, after a long haul flight, the parents of this really cute boy (he was about 2-3) couldnt get their son into the toilet in time and instead of getting him to wear diapers during the flight, they had him pee infront of where they were sitting. We were about to land then. That was absolutely disgusting... for the cleaners!

Amanda said...

OK. I'll bite. Evelyn, when you have a child, let me know when you have drugged him/her.

Evelyn said...

Maybe when I have a kid, I would feel differently then. But, what I'm saying here is to help ease the child to sleep, not completely drug him. Look at it this way: If your child has the flu and needs his medication, those flu medicine puts the child (and adult too) to sleep because when you've the flu, the best way to recover is to get lots of rest and fluids. So, in that sense, does that mean that the parent is drugging the child?