Monday, July 16, 2007

Vacations across the globe

Although the northern hemisphere may be in summer time now, its either winter or 'normal season' at the places I'll be at in the next month. No matter, all the buzz on summertime going around has made me start planning ahead for my sunny vacation. While I'll be going to Australia at the end of this month, Richard won't be joining me until mid October, the start of summer over there. We're planning to spend some time at the Gold Coast and will probably end up renting a place in Surfers Paradise. It will be fun to take Aaron down to the beautiful white beaches. I know there is a photo of me playing in the surf from when I was around 12 months old and I'd like to get a similar one of Aaron so we can put them side by side.

We seem to end up at vacation rental places quite often. I know each time we go to the Gold Coast it will be rental apartment. Once, we went up the coast to Noosa and ended up renting the downstairs of somebody's Queenslander for a few days. In Malaysia too, we often rent bungalows in Cameron Highlands. Its a really relaxing way to vacation and with a curious toddler, the rentals usually offer much more space.

Who knows? Maybe I'll be checking out Kauai vacation rentals next. Hawaii is on my list of places to visit someday but that 'someday' has been pushed further away since I'd like to wait till Aaron is a little older before attempting to spend 30 or 40 hours traveling!


Evelyn said...

I want to go down to the beach too!!! Over here, guess what we wear to the beach? A couple layers of clothes and a scarf. Yes, we wrap ourselves up to go down to the beach coz' it's so cold here even it's summer. I miss those days of just running around wearing almost nothing. Yep, that's a photo of my sis, my two cousins and I all naked sitting on a log. This was in Lumut I think. :-D

Oh, my friend Lily lives in Gold Coast. Go drop in an say Hi?

Amanda said...

I really can't wait to get to the Gold Coast. About to make a booking for some apartment now...just confirming dates.