Friday, July 20, 2007

Do you have a Zwinky?

I'm always at a loss as to what photo I should use for various places like this blog, chat forums, discussion groups and whatever else that requires a picture. I'd prefer to just leave it blank but that just looks so unattractive. But when I look through all the possible photos I have....they are not much more attractive anyway. I ended up using a photo of my hands for several places that I'm signed up with.

If you have this same dilemma or would just like to channel a different persona you can try to create a zwinky. These little zwinkies are amazingly cute and you can change their look each day.....treat them as your own 'mini me' online. They come with a huge wardrobe that you can play around with.

Another way to think of them could be as a pet (like the tamaguchis). I'm sure
Zwinky will be your best friend.
There is a whole Zwinky world out there where you can meet and chat with other zwinky friends. Literally! A Zwinky world with a map and buildings and stores.


Surfergirl said...

i love your blog log photo!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I haven't heard of them!