Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mosquitoes - What are they for?

I constantly smell of citronella and I have a Lemon Grass drink every day. Why? Because this place is FULL of mosquitoes. The lowest number of bites I have received in a day is perhaps 4. Needless to say.... I hate them. Not only are they annoying, they also worry me because it makes us all sitting ducks for Dengue Fever.

So...why do they exist? What are they for? Some say they are here to feed some other life form. If thats it....why can't that life form eat something else?? I've also come across a website that mentioned that a mosquito needs protein from a mammal's blood in order to lay its eggs. Without it, no eggs will be laid. So....the only other purpose a mosquito has in life is to procreate.....and make it difficult for me to blog because I can't sit still. HMPH!

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Evelyn said...

That was me when I was in Bali! I smelled of citronella ALL the time and I had to keep spraying myself with more every couple of hours. Whenever I got back to my hotel in Ubud(that didn't have an AC, but it was a great resort), the first thing I had to do was to spray the room and bathroom (it was the traditional outside Balinese bathroom) with the mosquito spray that the hotel provided me with. I hated the smell, but I didnt have a choice. Regardless, I was still bitten all over by mosquitoes. And, as you know, they love me more than everyone else!