Thursday, July 12, 2007

School Holidays in Palembang

All the children are on holidays here for the next month. Over here in Palembang, school holidays mean its Kite Season. The evening sky is polka dotted with kites every day while the streets in the neighbor hood are full of little boys walking around either flying their kites or trying to get one down from the trees. Here is a photo of my neighbors co-operating on a single kite.

The kites they play with are simple ones made of paper and the stem of a coconut leaf. They are extremely flexible and really FLY.


Evelyn said...

Have you read The Kite Runner? I can almost imagine the same scene over there. I'm wondering when Aaron can start flying kites? :-)Simple joys.

Bliss said...

thanks for sharing the kite post. :-) i've always loved looking at kites but have never flown one. and i've never heard of Palembang until now. :-)