Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I want to be like you!

I think that Aaron is starting to want to be like us. He has started insisting on using a big spoon for his meals instead of the cute plastic baby ones. He also tries to feed himself and can do it quite well, even with the big spoon. Drinking from a cup is another thing that he's trying out but the water just ends up on his shirt or on the floor at the moment. I don't mind.

The funniest one we've come across is brushing teeth. He already has 6 teeth (8 any day now) and we wanted to introduce the idea to him early so we bought a little tooth brush and a few days ago, I brushed his teeth, while he watched Richard brushing his own teeth. Who knew that he would ask to brush his teeth ALL DAY LONG! Each time we go near the tooth brushes...he reaches out to grab one. As I brush his teeth, he will imitate whatever Richard does with his mouth!


Denise said...

Aren't kids awesome?! There's always something new and interesting for them to learn.

pst! I tagged you for a meme if you'd like to play!

Evelyn said...

Boy, he's beyond his years. He's now a terrible two even though he's not even one yet!