Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pickups overloaded with people

This is a very common scene in Palembang. These pickup trucks are often over loaded with goods, people and sometimes goods AND people. Even if they aren't overloaded, I've seen families go out and put their kids in the back. No such thing as a child being in a car seat over here. They can't understand why I restrain Aaron that way and let him cry all the way to our destination.

Luckily, the traffic is usually too heavy for anybody to go faster than about 50km/h but that doesn't mean its safe.


Evelyn said...

I think the more educated we are. the less fun we and our kids have. I remember sitting at the back of the trucks when I was a kid in Cameron Highlands. It was FUN! But then, I was older than Aaron. Funny, my parents allowed me to do that but they never allowed me to ride a motorbike. To them, that's dangerous.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It looks a little scary on that Suzuki..

Amanda said...

Its fun if its just a one off thing in a farm but not for everyday transportation. But, sometimes, the people here really have no choice so the kids benefit from it with the fun they have :)