Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The ongoing journey to being a WAHM

For now, its my trading thats earning me the most money. When I think about it, this surely is the best avenue for me to generate an income because if done correctly, the gains are good! However, I keep getting the urge to do more, especially since there is so much talk about the surging market being a bubble waiting to burst.

I've mentioned it in earlier posts that I'm on the look out for business opportunities but they are all still in the 'in my head' phase. While trawling the internet, I came across this website with business card templates. There is a good selection of backgrounds to pick from depending on your business; dentistry, education, fitness, piercing....you name it! Apart from the glossy and digital variety, they also have magnetic and folded business card templates. You can make all the selections online and customize them to your particular needs. The website also has a small business buzz blog that I found very informative. I found this website to be a really well thought out one that was easy to use with many useful links.

Anyway...I went off at a tangent about that website but I will eventually need business cards. Right? Its time for me to go to the markets....stock markets.


Evelyn said...

When can we start exploring our biz ideas?

Amanda said...

I'm starting to think really small scale now and something that is quite 'mundane'. Not sure if you'll go for it.

michael said...

If you liked the business cards online at greatfx then I'd also recommend you check this site out: http://www.printsmadeeasy.com/ci/Business+Cards+Online

I recently ordered a set there and I was thoroughly satisfied with all aspects of the process, from the quality of the cards, to the customer service and shipping (I got the cards the day after I ordered them; that's something I've never experienced from ANY online vendor before)