Monday, July 23, 2007

I am eMama

Aaron spent the whole weekend calling me 'eMmmmm'. Then, this morning, I heard a few 'eMmmmaaa'. And finally, while he was screaming to be let out of his car seat, he said it. 'eMAMA'. It was incredible to hear it even though its probably out of sheer desperation and frustration that he spat it out.

He's suddenly growing up so much. Look at him here reading a magazine. This magazine keeps him occupied for longer than any other toy or book he has.


Syiekatsuya said...

Hai, how are you? I think you really busy with daily life.
Here UK, raining and few place flooded.

Surfergirl said...

how cute! e-mama is very fitting for a blogging mama like you ;D

Jean-Luc Picard said...

In this electronic age, eMama is very suitable!

Evelyn said...

Aaron must be feeling your internet withdrawal symptoms.

Hmm... either your son is going to be a fashion designer or an editor for a fashion magazine. I hope it's the former so that I can then get his designs/clothes for free! Should I start sending him my old copies of Vogue and Elle?