Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pugs or Boston Terriers

I wanted a puppy the whole time we were kids. However, my parents wouldn't let us have any and the only time we came close to convincing them was when we found Cheesecake in the market and brought him home for a few days. Cheesecake ended up being the guard dog at the Guava Farm my father was playing around with at that time.

Well, I have my own family now and I have been thinking about puppies again. The only 2 things holding me back is Aaron being too young right now and also the fact that we'll only be here in Palembang for two years. Wait, there is another reason...Richard isn't so hot on the idea but I'm working on him.

I already have in my mind that I want a short and stout little puppy. Something like a Pug or Boston Terrier. I fell in love with Pugs when I saw a puppy Pug at some Sunday market. As for the terrier , I always thought they were a fierce breed but it seems that they aren't. This Boston Terriers Dog Guide Article really made me laugh with its description of the breed "...strong willed and stubborn. They are also loving, intelligent, and great companions". That sounds exactly like Aaron!

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Evelyn said...

Get a dog who's good with kids. Pugs are, I think. Bernese dogs are great ( but you do need space for that kind of dogs. My ex-boss' 4-y-o was sitting i.e. mounted on her aunt's Berner dog when we went over for dinner and the dog just allowed her to do that. I think at one point, she was lying on the floor with the dog. She's just so comfortable with dogs coz they had a dog all along even before she was born and when she was a toddler, my boss said that she would go up to their dog and pried open his mouth, stick her fingers into his nose... Haha.

Why didnt your parents allow you to have a dog, and what're Richard's reservations?

Amanda said...

I had all sorts of allergies growing up warm blooded pets. Richard doesn't want a dog because he'll end up doing all the work for it!

A Nomad said...

My roommate has a Boston Terrier, and it's the best dog I've ever known. I love it and would recommend a Boston to anyone considering getting a dog.