Sunday, July 15, 2007

Me and My Kite

RIGHT! After watching all the kids flying the kites ... its MY turn. Our driver, Udi, has been playing around with one for several days now so here I am giving it a go.

Udi managed to raise the kite without leaving the driveway. Notice that we have that funny overhead area for the 2nd gate that breaks up the available area so its really a very small space. Yet, he still managed to do it...alone. So, he sat by the side, yelling instructions at me as to what I should do. PULL, RELEASE, BACK, MOVE.......but it was no use. I still haven't managed to get the kite much higher than shown in the first photo. The second photo is of me playing around with the kite after Udi got it up. The kite is sooooooo high up that its too small to even show up on the photo. I am SURE it was in the frame when I took the picture. Now even the string seems to have disappeared from view. STRANGE.

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Evelyn said...

Why are there two gates? For double security? :-) I passed by a shop in chinatown yesterday tht sold kites and I thought of you.