Saturday, June 9, 2007

If You Could Only...You Would...

Life always has it's ups and downs and is sometimes disappointing, but on we dream and wish, "if I could only"..~Toni ©~

1. If you could only choose any place on earth to would?:
Somewhere that snows at least part of the year. I have never been there but I have always liked the sound of Colorado Springs. Don't ask me why! Its just a daydream...

2. If you could only buy anything you ever would:
A Steinway Grand Piano

3. If you could only do whatever your heart would?:
I think I am already doing what my heart desires...

4. If you could only write a great novel about (any genre) would:
It would probably be on my mother's childhood in 1950s Malaysia. Her dad was an assistant mining inspector and was tranferred from town to town. When she started primary school, she was sent to live with a lady that she hardly knew.

This was from Saturday Specials

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