Thursday, June 21, 2007

Aaron's Can Do List

We have just got back from 2 weeks in Ipoh and I really feel that Aaron
has matured tenfold during the time there. I can almost see the thought
processes going on in his head as he makes decisions on which way to
go, which toy to play with or whether he should accept what he's being offered. Its also really obvious in the way he gets mad at people or shows his affection.

Here are some of the more obvious 'developments' that have come about these two weeks.
1) Point with his left hand.
2) Waves when you say 'Bye Bye'. Its usually his right hand but sometimes its his left or both together.
3) Pushes up from his slithering position to a sitting position.
4) Pull up from the sitting position to a standing position.
5) Moves his feet along, although I wouldn't call it walking yet, if given some sort of supporting frame.
6) Looks at objects or people that are named. He actually turned his head and pointed at me when asked 'Where is mama?'
7) Understands basic commands such as come here, bring the book, be gentle....
8) Will immediately drop anything he's playing with if you say 'Gai Gai'. Thats cantonese for 'going out'.
9) Attempts to leave the room on this own when he wakes up from a nap. I always leave the door slightly ajar so I can hear him.
10) Started reading InStyle magazine!!! We flip through the same magazine a gazillion times a day.

My baby will always be my little baby but I think I'll have to start dealing with him growing up now....Soon, he'll be leaving me to go to work..or worse still, go on a date!

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