Friday, June 1, 2007

3 things to balance me out

When I stopped working (in an office) in 2004, I found that after the initial novelty of lazing around wore off, I didn't feel so happy about being a bum anymore. This must be how some retirees feel. Anyway, I eventually worked out that I should always strive to have these 3 aspects in my life:

1) Income Generation. I do this with my amateur online trading. This is more for my ego rather than my tummy. Plus its interesting and is linked to aspect #2.

2) Developing Skills. So, the trading skills are a given. I have to develop them in order to generate that income. However, there needs to be more and they don't necessarilly have to be serious skills either. Cello and Tap Dancing are out of the question here in Palembang so I'll need to find something new. I have been comtemplating my Pool skills.

3) Giving Back. Charity work? Yes, I'll get into that when I find some organisation I can get involved in. Giving back also includes teaching. Like teaching all my neighbors the piano back in Klang. Although, I'm not sure I want to get into that now with Aaron around. Will need to figure this one out.

Anyway, people balance their lives in different ways. This is just how I compartmentalise mine.

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