Friday, June 15, 2007

Where should I pretend to live?

Unless its a lazing holiday, like our recent one to Bali, I like to immerse myself in the everyday activities of the places I'm holidaying at. This has been a habit with my family ever since we were kids. Go to a place, walk all the back streets, shop at the local food markets....there has even been a few times where my father has managed to get us invitations to dinner at some of the local homes.

Now, there is another way I can sample the local lifestyle - Vacation Rentals. This site includes vacation rentals from the US, Mexico, the Carribean and Canada. It makes for some good browsing and day dreaming. I was taking a look at the Florida vacation rentals and came across this house near Disney World. That would really be a long lost dream come true for me. I've been wanting to go there since....forever. Its childish but I'm still reminding my 85 yr old grandmother that she had promised to take me there when I was around 9 yrs old.

Now I wonder what the local lifestyle of Disney folk will be like. I'd like to join Mickey on the black and white steam boat!

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