Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Child proofing your clothes?

The main reason to ChildProof your home is to prevent the inquisitive little toddlers from going where they shouldn't.

Aaron has been a completely breastfed baby from day 1. So, it was inevitable that he develop his own sign language for communicating that he needed a feed. It used to be sticking his two fingers in his mouth. Since last week, he has discovered he could add sticking his other arm down the collar of my shirts to emphasize his point. He just sticks his hand in and hangs his elbow on my collar! Today I tried wearing a round neck-T and he still tried to stretch the collar and had his arm dangling there!

I need child proof clothes. Either that or I'll have to make sure he's fed frequently when we're out. I wonder what he'll do if I wear a turtle neck....

P/S this is cute ok. don't anybody think its perverted!

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Evelyn said...

Hahaha... My ex-boss son did that to her a few times when she brought him into the office and she had to remove his hands from inside her shirts! :-) He was around 1+ then.