Thursday, June 14, 2007

My breakfast!

For those who know me, you'll know that I definitely don't have a sweet tooth. I don't like chocolates, cakes or desserts in general. No sweets for me except for CARAMEL CUSTARDS! I love them so much I had one for breakfast this morning. I don't want the fancy, after dinner treats that you get in restaurants. I like the ones from the kopitiam! A kopitian is what we call coffee shops here in Malaysia. And, coffee shops here are not of the Starbucks variety and don't necessarily specialise in coffee. They are usually simple, non air conditioned shops where there are several stalls selling noodles or sometimes economy rice.

Here is the characteristic green and yellow sign for my custard. You can have a peek of a coffee shop at the side of the photo.


Evelyn said...

Darn it! I'm reading this just before my breakfast and what am I having for my breakfast? An hard-boiled egg (low in calories, will fill me up and protein-acious). Bleagh.

I think the caramel custard, though it's origins is from the French, has somehow made it to the Asian dessert list menu, especially with the Vietnamese. Ok, I've to go find out where I can find some this weekend.

Surfergirl said...

oooh hey that's the thing i ATTEMPTED to recreate back in klang...but miserably failed. remember?
we call it 'leche flan' though. but it looks (and i guess tastes) exactly the same.