Sunday, June 10, 2007


I love being in Ipoh (pronounced eepoh). Once the tin mining capital of the world, it is now a peaceful city with great food, my parents and my grandparents. Food and family, no wonder this place always feels like home.

Many teenagers here can't wait to get out of this city because its 'small' and without 'good' job prospects. Most will leave and settle somewhere else, perhaps Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. I wonder if they miss the place as I do. I hope they do....I really do get offended when I hear people saying that its a dead city and that its boring.

There are so many places here that still transport you back several decades. While I had always known and observed these places, I haven't really taken an active part in finding out more about them until now. Blogging really has triggered me to look at things differently. I just need to be more hardworking in writing about what I see....another day :). For now, take a look at this old printing shop.

See the traditional chinese signboard.

This shop is no longer running full steam but they still do some ads here and there on their old machinery. This old man wasn't very forthcoming with the details of what he does so I'm afraid I can't elaborate further on these two pictures.


Evelyn said...

Unfortunately, I have not explored the old part of Ipoh every time I'm back to enjoy the charm and quaintness of it all. Perhaps, What a shame, right?

Perhaps, I've always taken these things for granted, but there was one time many years ago when I was with my mom and we went to this old shophouse... and in that shophouse was this amazing wood "altar" (I dont even know how to describe it) and I was totally taken by it all.

Anyhow, Ipoh will always be an "eat and sleep" place for me where I can totally chill out and not do anything on a holiday.

amanda said...

Hey thanks for reading and commenting. I didn't purposely look for these old places. They're EVERYWHERE. This printing place was next to the char koay teow shop I was eating at.