Thursday, June 21, 2007

Most Wanted

I'm all about watching DVDs these days. I have never really liked going to the movies. As in, going to the cinema and sitting down in a dark enclosed area with a bunch of strangers. Apart from feeling uncomfortable on those furry germ filled seats, I also always worry about things like being trapped in a fire in the cinema. Reno 911! Miami The Movie looks like a funny movie that I'd like to get my hands on.

The movie is about a bunch of mismatched Reno cops that are called on to foil a terrorist attack at a national police convention. The cast are actually from Comedy Central and had regularly spoofed the reality series COPS. This will no doubt bring back memories of watching the Police Academy series.

I was looking at the games at the top right hand corner of the dvd website chose to play the 'Most Wanted' game first because of all the funny captions. These are my favourite two.

I went through the other 3 games too for the fun of it. Not exactly GAMES but good for a few clicks here and there. The other games were Calling All Units, Midnight Shootout and PSA.

Go to the DVD Website to take a look at some of the videos. Its hilarious! This is they type of funny, colourful, look good/feel good needed for breaking the boredom of a SAHM.

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