Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Inside a Chinese Man's Office

This office belongs to a chinese man, hence the title. He's my father and I know its not a 'CHINAMAN'S' office. Along with all the other photos of Old Ipoh, I have to include this 60 year old office. It is an accounting/auditing firm started by my grandfather, Datuk Lim Siang Guan. Many of the clients today are from my grandfather's time (2nd generation of course). The office is still very much 'PAPER' as you can see from all the files lining the walls and barricading their desks. They have moved with the times though and there is a soft copy for everything and they do weekly backups of the data. PHEW!

Sadly, there are currently still no accountants in my generation and I only have one cousin left who has yet make a career choice.


Evelyn said...

Your dad needs to change the furniture! :-) Plastic chairs? Hahaha... !

Surfergirl said...

havent been to the office yet. hope to visit it one day :)